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About WorldMedic AAMS


   WorldMedic AAMS Solutions is a Medical and Healthcare Information Technology Solution Business. Part of WorldMedic that provides a fully integrated Anti-Aging & Holistic Clinic Management Software with completed functional modules. The best solution for Anti-Aging and Holistic Clinics and hospitals.

WorldMedic AAMS – Practice Management System for Anti-Aging & Holistic Clinics

   WorldMedic AAMS, provide a wide catalogue of AAMS IT solutions to cater to every clinic data management problem of an AAMS Treatment Facility. Our goal is to simplify daily Anti-Aging treatment processes for Anti-Aging Doctors, Nurses, Nutrition, Pharmacist Administrator, Receptionist, etc. In WorldMedic AAMS Clinic Software consist of Registration, Nurse Note, Doctor Room, Pharmacy, Finance, Inventory, Treatment, Package Course Treatment, Appointment, Room Booking, Pre-registration, Laboratory, Membership, POS, Report, Dash board for Manager, History Data, Before-After, Etc.

   WorldMedic AAMS is geared to help Anti-Aging & Holistic clinics in their mission of creating more and more happy Health. This is made possible by developing and perfecting advanced Anti-Aging treatment data management tech-systems, tools and research for achieving better results. With our technologies for Anti-Aging & Holistic Software Development, WorldMedic AAMS help the Anti-Aging & Holistic Clinic and Hospital meet the highest standards Solution.


Designed for Anti-Aging & Holistic Clinics

   Created by Anti-Aging physicians, WorldMedic AAMS breaks through common EMR limitations by offering built-in business solutions tools and group purchasing discounts designed specifically for Anti-Aging and Holistic practices.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

   Our System and business solutions will help streamline your most labor-intensive tasks, so that you can spend more time doing what you love.


Tailored to Anti-Aging & Holistic Practices

   As an anti-aging practitioner, you and your team promote the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related dysfunction and disease by combining clinical tools with biotechnologies. Using a comprehensive approach, men and women achieve higher levels of health, beauty, fitness and vitality.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

   Assign tasks, chart, e-prescribe, order custom lab panels, update patient data and keep your office running smoothly with an intuitive interface that was designed for the way YOU practice.

Visually track progress over time

   Our software allows patients to easily report their progress.